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We are a Japanese Language Training Center that specializes in teaching the Japanese Language, especially to the professionals of Nursing Care.

Our training aims at preparing students to have sufficient language skills to become intern caregivers in Japan.


We are the Japanese language institute in Nepal that gave language training to the very first technical intern trainees in the field of Nursing Care in Japan in 2019.

6 of our first batch graduates have been working as caregiver technical intern trainees at old-age homes in Aichi prefecture, Japan.

Our Vision

As a language institute, Meihoku Training Pvt. Ltd. promotes 4 core principles.

1. Aiming for the development of both Japan and Nepal
2. Providing a unique language training service
3. Encouraging professional development
​4. Contributing to the local community


Meet Our Teachers

Manish Shrestha

Japanese Language Instructor

Mr.Shrestha has completed 2011-12 Long-Term Teacher Training Program for foreign teachers of the Japanese Language conducted by The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa. He holds JLPT N2-level and has been working as a Japanese Language Instructor for over 10 years.

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Adarsh Nakarmi

Japanese Language Instructor

Mr. Nakarmi is a graduate from Bishwo Bhasa Campus' Advanced Japanese Course. He holds JLPT N2-level. He has also participated in the Japan Foundation, Japanese Language Education Seminar conducted in 2019. He has been working as a Japanese Language Instructor for over 4 years.

​Kusum Basnet

Japanese Language Instructor

Ms.Basnet returned from Japan in 2019. She stayed in Tokyo,Japan for 5 years. She completed her 2 years Japanese language course from Tokyo Bayside Language School. She studied at Daiichi Kougyou Universty, Ueno for 3 years afterwards.

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