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Our Academic Goals


Our classes are designed for N5 to N3 levels. Although the minimum qualification of the Technical Intern Training Program is N4 level, we believe N3 level is necessary for our students to work in the field of Nursing Care. That is why, we teach from N5 to N3 level.


We aim to teach authentic and practical Japanese language skills that can be used in Japan. We encourage our students to engage in Japanese language even outside the classroom.


We engage our students in extra curricular activities such as speech competitions and team sports to build teamwork. and support network among students. We believe if students build a relationship among themselves from Nepal, it will be easier for them to support when they reach japan.

Course Offering

9 months
Technical Intern Training Preparation Course

This full-time course covers from N5 to N3 level Japanese Language and additional technical language for Nursing Care. Students are required to stay in Sewa Hostel for this course.

3 months each
N4/N3/N2 Course

Level-wise Japanese language course. Classes are hosted 5 days a week. (Monday to Friday)

Custom Course

The course is offered upon request. Classes are designed based on the client's needs.

Our Core Curriculum

Japanese Language

We teach three levels (N5, N4, N3) for 3 months each using mainly Minna no Nihongo. We focus on:

  • Grammar & Sentence Structure

  • Vocabulary

  • Reading

  • Essay Writing

  • Kanji

  • Communication Styles and the Variation

  • Group Work (Peer discussion, presentation, role-playing, debate competition, etc.)

Japanese Language
Nursing Care

Japanese teachers, who are qualified caregivers, teach the Japanese language used in the field of Nursing Care through online satellite classes from Japan. We also teach students how students can communicate with older residents in care homes. We teach appropriate conversation styles according to the situations that can be imagined at the actual old-age homes.

Japanese Culture

We introduce Japanese culture and customs that students should be aware of while living in Japan. We also teach students about Japanese social norms, work ethics, and professional etiquette at the workplace.

Training Process & Timeline


admission process

  • Health check-up

  • Admission to Sewa Hostel

  • Admission & Orientation at Meihoku Training


n5 course & exam

  • ( 3 Months )


n4 course & exam

  • Sending Organization starts application process for Technical Intern Training Program for the students who passed the N4 exam

  • 2nd health check-up


n3 course & exam

  • Visa application process begins in Nepal.


waiting period

  • If the application process is incomplete at the end of 9 months course, students are asked to stay until the documents are all approved. However, room & board and tuition fee are free of cost during this extra period.


departure to japan

  • The students will enroll in Technical Intern Training Program in Japan.

  • 3rd health check-up.

* If the students do not have experience of working in the related field (health, medical, or nursing care), they will get either 6 months or 320 hours of internship experience in our partnering old-age homes at this time. 

This is how a day looks like for a student at
Meihoku Training Center.


7:00 Waking up & cleaning

8:00-9:00 Breakfast


Morning Classes


9:00- 10:00 Conversation Class (Japanese Culture class by Japanese volunteer teacher) 10:30- 12:00 Japanese for Nursing Care (Satelite class from Japan)

Lunch Time



Afternoon Classes


13:00-14:00 Nursing Care Terminology (Technical language course by a Japanese voluteer teacher) 14:05-15:30 N3 Japanese class (grammar and sentence structure) 16:00-17:00 N3 Japanese class (Kanji and writing)

Evening Break


17:00-19:00 (Self-study time)




End of the day


22:00 Go to bed

Daily Routine
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