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Our Partners


Sewa Hostel Pvt. Ltd.

This hostel provides room and board service to our students. Room and board service costs 3,000 NPR per month for students who are enrolled in Meihoku Training Language Course. For details, contact


Meihoku Co. Ltd.

Meihoku Training Center Pvt. Ltd. is subsidiary of Meihoku Co. Ltd. in Aichi prefecture, Japan. Meihoku Co. Ltd. is founded in 2002. It specializes in construction in Aichi prefecture. 


Seikou International Language Pvt. Ltd.

Seikou International Language was established in 2017. It is located at Bagbazar, the main hub of the Language Institutes. Our motto is to produce highly qualified students, who wants to go to Japan for further study and has always been an ethical counseler.

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Subash Vijay Associates Pvt. Ltd.

It is a sending organization that authorizes us to give caregiver language training to Technical Intern Training candidates. They works to send Technical Intern Ttrainingee candidates to Japanese receiving organization.

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Social Welfare Corporation Nishikasugai Fukushikai

Nishikasugai Fukushikai runs 5 old- age homes and care homes for people with disabilities in Kita Nagoya City in Japan. They have accepted 6 of our graduates in the past. Our graduates are currently working there as caregiver technical interns trainees.

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