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Technical Intern Program

Technical Intern Program Process in Japan



Enter Japan

Introductory Training & Orientation

(1 month)


Training at the assigned facility

(3 weeks)


Technical Internship starts at the facility (1 to 5 years)


Apply for specified skilled worker program or go back to Nepal.

Types of Technical Intern Training


first year

Technical Intern Trainee #1

Internship Duration: 1 year



Technical Intern Trainee #2

Additional 2 years after completing #1 (Must pass the exam after first year to qualify for status) 


fifth year

Technical Intern Trainee #3

Additional 2 years after completing #2 (Must pass the exam after the 3rd year to qualify for the status)

"Do I get paid during the internship? If so, how much?"

The answer is yes. The technical internship is a paid opportunity. The hiring will pay for your service during the training period. However, the amount and the benefits may vary from company to company. You will be informed about monthly salary, benefits, work -hours/workloads, leaves, and company rules before you go to Japan.

"What qualifications do I need to become a Caregiver Technical Intern Trainee?​"

​To become a technical trainee in the field of Nursing Care, you need to meet the language as well as experience requirements. As for language proficiency, you must have a minimum of N4 level certificate. However, we strongly recommend the applicants to be at the N3 level because it is extremely challenging to work in Japanese nursing homes with only the N4 level. In old-age homes, you are required to understand the complicated care procedure and basic medical terms which can be very difficult for N4-level applicants. Secondly, applicants must have either 6 months or 320 hours of experience working in a field of Nursing Care (i.e. old-age homes, care homes) or Health/Medical related institutions (i.e. hospital).​In Meitoku Training, we offer language classes from N5 level to N3 level in 9 months. We do not provide practical nursing care training in our institute, but we are partners with local old-age homes. If students do not have experience working, they can get either 6 months or 320 hours of internship experience with our partners within the 9 months of the language training period. 

​Supported Visa Types

Technical Intern Training Program requires Training Visa. Training Visa is a type of visa that expects a foreigner to stay in Japan for the purpose of training only. ​Therefore, this visa does NOT extend upon the completion of training. However, if a trainee wishes to stay in Japan after completing the technical training, they may apply for a Work Visa (a type of visa that allows you to work in Japan upon the completion of training).

"How do I apply to become a Technical Intern Trainee?​"

​Applicants must first apply for the Technical Intern Training Program through the sending organization. See at the picture for the process.

Screenshot 2021-08-31 133939.png

We support Technical Intern Program in Japan with the hope that it will contribute to the development of both Japan and Nepal. Technical Intern Training Program known as Ginojisshu Seido allows Nepali to work as a technical intern trainee in their desired field for a maximum of 5 years. Through the technical internship, they acquire both hands-on technical knowledge and skills to their home country upon the completion of the program.

Technical Intern Training Program started in 1990 in Japan. According to the Ministry of Justice's survey in 2017, 200 Nepali technical intern trainees were working in Japan at that time. However, it was only in 2017 that the program started to accept technical intern trainees in the field of Nursing Care. Our training center currently teaches Japanese Language to students who are primarily expected to be technical intern trainees in the field of Nursing Care. 

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